Division of Housing Services






  1. 請同學務必提前將冷氣週遭施工區域淨空,個人貴重物、怕灰塵沾染之物品收妥(如冷氣機下方物品、近冷氣之床上物品、NB、地板巧拼、、等),避免因施工意外造成污損。
  2. 施工期間將由專人陪同進入寢室。
  3. 施工區域物品如未自行收妥,將由廠商及監工人員協同移位處理。
  4. 清洗保養之廢水,廠商僅能倒至洗拖把專用之洗槽內,不可任意倒至各區廁所、浴室、洗手台、地面排孔…等處。
  5. 同學如發現廠商於施工現場,喝含有酒精之飲料、抽菸、嚼檳榔…等等,請即刻反應管理員。
  6. 施工、材料堆放處及廢棄物臨時置放區域,人員避免靠近,以免發生危險。

Air Conditioners & Fans Cleaning

◎Project Sites :All Rooms at Graduate Dormitory 1
◎Working Date:9:00am~6:00pm, Feb 13th(Mon.)~27st (Tue.) 2019

  1. Please remove your personal objects at the area near the air conditioner (including objects under it, objects on the beds near it…etc.) to avoid them being stained or damaged because of the cleaning process.
  2. Our members of the Residence Staff will follow the workers to get in the rooms.
  3. We banned the workers from drinking alcohol, smoking and chewing betel nuts while cleaning. Please report to the members of the Residence Staff when the violation is found.
  4. Please stay away from the construction site to avoid any risks of personal danger to you.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have or will cause.

<Cleaning Schedule for Each Room>

date Amount Area date Amount Area date Amount Area
2/13 12 4F 2/18 12 3F 2/25 12 1F
2/14 12 4F 2/19 12 3F、2F 2/26 12 1F、0F
2/15 12 4F、3F 2/20 12 2F 2/27 12 0F
2/21 12 2F
2/22 12 1F