Housing Center

Female dorm 2

Residence Female Dormitory 2 – Undergraduate students Location Kuangfu Campus On-call Service Lines Ext:88226
Features ◆Quad-occupancy rooms (room number with last number “5” is a Double-occupancy room)
◆One refrigerator under 120 litters is allowed to be provided in each room
◆Insert pre-paid card air-conditioning
◆Lights out from 00:00 to 06:00
Swipe Access 24-hour access security
Foundation Since 1998 Allocation 1108 beds ; Special Temporary Accommodation (14) beds Housing Fee Quad-occupancy room:
NT$5346/Summer vacation
Double-occupancy room:
NT$6091/Summer vacation
Living Space on a Floor (square meters) 15020.98 Living Space for Each Resident (square meters) 13.56